CC Issue 32 / Reflections

City Life

Whirr and rumble underneath the window buzzing neon lights, their throbbing arteries empty, essentially. **** A breath, catching once or twice Their heads buried down against the thought of nothing up ahead. **** In the midst of life is life: A girl walking with her father, sharing snacks that only can be bought out on … Continue reading

CC Issue 18 / Music

Hey good-lookin’

I guess what I’m trying to say about folk music is that it irks me. Not the older stuff of course, the “original” music, but the newer revival of it, the fashionable form. Whether this is folk rock, indie folk, or another permutation, there’s something about it all that seems a bit put on, a … Continue reading

CC Issue 17 / Film / TV

The Sedentarian

I miss television. Every evening there’s a peculiar aching in my soul for that ever-so-comforting routine of settling down on the couch to a good dose of mindless entertainment. I suppose this is just the sort of scenario imagined by Ray Bradbury over 60 years ago in his brilliant but bleak short story, “The Pedestrian.” … Continue reading

CC Issue 12 / Music


I fell in love at the age of seventeen. Predictably, not with a real person, but with the idea of love itself, expressed through the music of Coldplay. (It sounds grandiose, I know.) The little-known band released their first studio album, Parachutes, in the summer of 2000, and I was smitten from the first time … Continue reading

CC Issue 04 / Sport

The Rise and Fall of Chinese Basketball (if you’ll pardon the rhyme)

The summer has seen the retirement of Chinese NBA star Yao Ming, and the anticipated rise of Li Na to dominance in women’s tennis. While the television, footwear, sportswear  and soft drink industries—not to mention the NBA—winced at the prospect the revenues lost through Yao’s retirement, others eagerly hovered over Li Na as she rocketed … Continue reading

CC Issue 01 / Film / TV

Crazy Heart

It’s been a long time since a film has gripped me, but Crazy Heart really got me.  The poignant, often gut-wrenching story follows the story of Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges)—a washed-up country singer who drowns his troubles in a bottle and staggers haltingly from show to seedy show. He is so broke he can’t even … Continue reading