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Bright Lights and Plastic Bricks

I just got home from “The Lego Movie” and, if this article wasn’t past due, I’d be digging out my blocks immediately and zooming some Lego guys around the room in fantastical vehicles.

Also, I’d probably be on Amazon already, hitting the checkout button on more sets.

If I could do both of those things at the same time.

“The Lego Movie” avoids the recent trend of toy-based movies being terrible. “Transformers”. “GI Joe”. “Battleship”. Nothing good came from those.

What sets “The Lego Movie” apart is that it’s not about the product, or what the producers think now-adult fans want the product to be. It’s about play. It appeals to the kid in everyone who used to have Legos when they were little, and probably still has them kicking around in a box someplace.

The plot is fairly simple. Emmet the Lego Guy is plucked from obscurity and told that only he has the power to save the universe. He can do that by becoming the “Master Builder” who can re-work his environment to build new, exciting creations. In doing so, he teams up with just about every Lego theme ever, from Castle, to Pirates, to Batman, to unicorn-cats.

Oh, you don’t recognize unicorn-cats? Yes, that’s just part of the weirdness where this film goes. And it’s perfect, because you can do anything with Lego. And they get that. And they embrace it.

And, thankfully, they made a really decent movie about it.

I have to go, now, and build something.



This post was originally finished, as mentioned, at the deadline for submissions for a phantom Checkerboard issue that never was. Since then, I’ve seen “The Lego Movie” several more times. It holds up well, on DVD, or projected on an inflatable screen in the park.

It has also worked its magic as a dazzlingly effecting marketing tool. I’ve since …invested… in several of the featured sets, built them, swooshed them about, and pulled them apart to make new things.

I may, or may not, have demanded that my wife purchase a Biznis Kitty for me for my birthday.

I don’t know if “The Lego Movie” was the best movie that I saw all year, but I wouldn’t rule it out as having been the most fun.

Everything is awesome.

One thought on “Bright Lights and Plastic Bricks

  1. I was reluctant to watch this with my wife but all in all it was a pretty good film. Feel goody and all, but it does resonate.

    I must admit, however, that I have yet to “invest” in any Lego sets. I continue in my endeavor to pay the rent…

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