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The End of An Era: Rewatching “Friends”

Friends finale

I just finished rewatching the full ten seasons of “Friends” and it was a beautiful thing. I got to relive the haircuts, vests and turtlenecks of the 90s, check out the Chan-Chan man, get the meat sweats, hear about the pimp who spat in Phoebe’s mouth, spend some quality time with The Chick and The Duck, and of course, pivot! By around season 3, the cast started to feel a little too much like my real friends and I found myself imagining how Miss Chenandler Bong would react in certain situations (could he BE any funnier?!). Though the quality debatably dipped toward the end of the series, the show really held up for me. Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer especially stood out and stole every scene they were in. I’m sure you’ve all seen most, if not all, of “Friends” already so I’ll avoid further prolonged reference-laden blabbering and go straight to my favourite moments.

Chandler Bing in Season 8, Episode 13: The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath

Honourable Mentions: you are a strong confident woman, it throws my WENIS out of whack, flock of seagulls hair, not likely to take a wife

Rachel Greene in Season 2, Episode 14: The One With The Prom Video

Honourable mentions: stealing her wind, not litigious, gleeba

Joey Tribbiani in Season 5, Episode 18: The One Where Rachel Smokes

Honourable mentions: buying encyclopedias, “that’s how they do pants!”, and “paper, snow, a ghost!”

Phoebe Buffay in Season 5, Episode 14: The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Honourable mentions: Phoebe’s haunted doll house on an Indian burial ground, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, Nestle Tollhouse, “Now I’ve seen everything!”, and everything with Ursula

Monica Geller in Season 6, Episode 10:  The One With The Routine

Honourable mentions: midnight mystery kisser, 11 categories of towels, and “7, 7, 7!”

Ross Geller in Season 5, Episode 11: “The One With All The Resolutions”

It was by far the hardest to choose a favourite moment for Ross.  EVERYTHING his character does cracks me up. I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the holiday armadillo, “the routine”, his sound, his “watching TV bit”, and of course, “we were on a break!”. Top prize has to go to, you know it, the leather pants.

If you’re fresh out of “Friends” to watch and still craving some comedy, check out Matt Leblanc satirizing himself in “Episodes“.

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