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“For if you are lost there, let me be there too”

Please play the audio of Duke Ellington’s “Chloe” while you read about the saddest love story ever told (lyrics here). I warned you.

There are only a few films that have hit me hard enough to make me cry and usually it is only the tearing apart of two in love that can do it. All of Michel Gondry’s movies have gotten me in their own ways, but “Mood Indigo” built me up then imploded me like no other. Based on Boris Van’s 1947 novel L’Écume des jours, “Mood Indigo” was frenzied with whimsy and lovesick like Gondry’s “Science of Sleep” and emotionally raw and vulnerable like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. A perfect one-two punch if you ask me.

Colin, an independently wealthy and happily aimless young man, decides he needs to fall in love. Now damnit! Nicolas, his lawyer and cook, and Chick, a close friend obsessed with the existential works of Jean-Sol Partre, introduce him to Chloe and the rest is history. The two have a brief courtship in a whirlwind of happiness and marry in a bizarre heaven-or-hell soap box derby to the altar. If only I could say they lived happily ever after. On their honeymoon, Chloe inhales a flower in her sleep and eventually finds out that a water lilly has been growing silently in her lung. The illness takes a toll on the happy couple’s finances and even their home starts to shrink and cannibalize itself, blocking out the sunlight. My synopsis must end there. I recommend this film with all my heart, but it might ruin your week. Or your life.

With our ninth wedding anniversary coming up this week, the movie was another reminder to enjoy every cuddle and knowing glance and that love is always worth whatever life may bring. It also left me feeling that history is full of individuals, each with their own story, and that the world keep spinning no matter what I may experience. Ceej and I had plans to head our separate ways once the movie was done but I just couldn’t go. Maybe it will turn you into a puddle too.

I don’t want to take anything away from the film by analyzing it in too much detail or giving away any more details. I will leave you with the images below in the hopes that you’ll get a chance to experience this masterpiece for yourself.

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