CC Issue 42 / Reflections / Travel / Leisure

Seven Sleeps at Home

Hong Kong

One week until the big move. That’s seven sleeps until we get to our new home in To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong. As I say my farewells, I can’t help but feel a pang of premature homesickness. I am about to change my life radically in nearly every way. I’ll be losing 12 hours, leaving snow, personal space, driving, friends and family, and my daily routine behind. Friends keep asking how I can just leave home. I have certainly been asking myself the same question.

The thing is, when I set my anxiety and fears aside, I don’t really feel that I’m leaving home in many ways. I’m thinking that home is the way I do life and with whom I do it. Ahem. Life, that is. So how do I do life? What is this daily routine that I hold so dear? Turns out I can take nearly all of it with me wherever I go. After all, “Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.” I spend nearly all of my time with one lovely man, who, luckily, I am also taking with me. We love to watch movies and TV, and cook and try new foods. At first I was concerned about doing these things in Hong Kong but technology has a way of making things easier. A little research with my good buddy Google has allowed me to find all of these things in my new home.

Though a lot of movies didn’t come out in Hong Kong at all or not for a long time after their Canadian release dates, it turns out the fabulous Cinematheque has an AMAZING selection (thanks for the tip Suhail!). We also loaded up our 2TB hard drive with lots of delicious foodie viewing along with more movies than we could watch in a lifetime and some old standards including Seinfeld, Fresh Prince, ER, West Wing, The Office, etc. Just writing that list makes me feel at home.

On the food front, Hong Kong has more restaurants than I could ever have hoped for along with fresh markets within a few minutes walk from our front door. Though our kitchen is teensy tiny, we’ve got the gas stove we’ve always wanted and a little balcony where we can grow herbs and a variety of peppers. It’s gonna be great I tell you!

A lot of people have been aghast at the idea of us losing our car but I am seriously excited to take transit in one of the best systems on the planet and have a chance to walk around my life. I love a good walk more than the next guy I would say, so this is pretty awesome. I’m also really looking forward to easy access to beaches and beautiful hiking trails. The amazing climate will even allow me to use the outdoor pool in our building all year. How cool is that?! No winter guys! Love it.

The plan is to have a good attitude, be open to change as much as possible, and to live content with what I have. As long as I have my best friend I think it’s going to feel like home and the rest of the goods are pure bonus. To all the friends and family I can’t bring with me, YOU MUST VISIT! No matter how much I can keep my creature comforts and explore a new life, I will miss the people who have made Hamilton home for the last 30 years. There’s no replacing that, even with Skype and WhatsApp which you all must get immediately if you haven’t already.

Cheers to home, friends, wherever you make yours.

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