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We Made A Pilot: Part 2

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post entitled We Made A Pilot, in which I complained about the fact that m’colleague Alex Milner and I had made a lovely first episode of a podcast, then left it sitting on the shelf, gathering dust.  We were both lazy sods, who loved the idea of doing a podcast but had neither the time nor motivation to keep it up.

Those fools are gone.  It’s time to introduce you to ‘Nick and Alex 2.0’.  We now have a podcast and we are a whole 5 episodes in.  I know, right?  That’s quite a body of work we have established.

The show in question is called ‘Golden Lucky Good Time‘ (don’t ask).  We have described it on the iTunes page in the following way:

Nick Oliver and Alex Milner host the Hong Kong-based comedy podcast presenting an eclectic array of local and international guests.

Let these moden day mermen lure you onto the rocks of laughter with their enchanting, come-hither voices. Expect impressions, interviews, confessions and more.

Golden Lucky Logo Time

Golden Lucky Logo Time

In reality, we are just figuring out what the show is, episode by episode.  At the moment, all I know is that it is a lot of fun.  And there are jingles.  I like jingles.  If any of you musical folks out there would like to contribute a jingle, I invite you to open up GarageBand now and jinglify. Jingles are good.

But I di-jingles. I mean, digress.  Jingles.

We are both pretty rubbish with the technical side of things, but thanks to our friends over at Speak HK, we now have a place for our little podcast to live and we can now quite truthfully claim that we are part of the thriving Hong Kong podcasting “scene”.

So far, we have delved into such contentious issues as Police Academy taglines, my grandfather’s letters of complaint and Sean Connery’s obsession with amateur erotic fiction.  And impressions.  Lots of impressive impressions.  I know, you can’t wait to listen, right?

Luckily for you, I am going to make things easy for you.  Click on one of the following links to get us into your ears.  You won’t* regret it.

Subscribe on iTunes
Find us on the SpeakHK network
Go to the show’s website:
@GLGTpodcast on Twitter
Like Golden Lucky Good Time on Facebook


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