CC Issue 40

Mostly Filler

Goodbye, three weeks to write an article. Hello, deadline.

Usually, I have at least some idea about what I could write about long before the due date. For this particular issue, I had nothing. Or, nothing decent, anyways. I considered a post about cancelled TV shows, a short story about a town named “Hello”, tips for moving, or something boring about my recent plans to do something more active than sit on the couch a lot.

None of those things really inspired me, but here are several topics more interesting than the ones that I tried to come up with.

So, say “hello” to internet links, and “goodbye” to that free time you thought you had this afternoon!

The Oak Island Money Pit may be the hiding place of a vast treasure.

Howard Hughes flew the Spruce Goose only once, to prove that it could be done.

“The Most Dangerous Game” popularized the hunting of man for sport.

A single 1933 Double Eagle sold for more than seven million dollars.

Stan Winston was the king of movie special effects.

Hockey goalie masks are both practical, and an opportunity to show creativity.

Ernest Shackleton explored the Antarctic, and then got trapped there.

Around Gray Publishes is my own blog, where I write stories.

Roadside attractions are just fun. How many have you visited?

Flight 19 disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

My PVR is set to record most of the shows on PBS, but you can watch them all online, too. In the US or Canada.

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