CC Issue 40

New Day

A word slowly forms in my mind. It's been sleeping and slumbering, hibernating. It languishes and loafs, a sloth in sleep. Zzzzzzzzz. No hurry. No scurry. But resting. A nested noun or an ageing adjective. A verbose verb? Not yet.

A yawn and a stretch. Blinking, almost thinking. Sigh...... Cars go by, but still I lie. Motionless. Light illuminates, a bright sight announcing the sound on the ground, is right. The start if the day.

Muscles flicker, thoughts collide and bicker: to move or not to move, that is the question! I sink and snuggle, thoughts recede and eschew the blue of the sky in the hope of a minutes more peaceful darkness....


Awake, make no mistake. Rhinos charge, pounding, hounding, marauding, lording it over you. Move. Get up and go, with the flow, blown along by the starting gun. Run! Power shower, half an hour, dress, stress, breakfast under duress.


Pause. Pray. confess, bless, praise, amazed that God made this new day.

And go! Onwards and outwards. Ground floor, through the door. Walk, wog, jog, SPRINT to the bus. Sit

What was that word? Gone. It retreats into the seat of unconsciousness.

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