CC Issue 39 / Reflections

I Dreamed A Dream

When I was five years old, I had a dream that I was on a beach with two teddy bears.  The whole scene seemed like a cartoon; it was all very kid-friendly.  The three of us were reclining on deck chairs and I recall that both teddies were wearing sunglasses.

It was a wonderful time.

Suddenly, we spotted an aeroplane in the sky.  We all pointed and stared.

“We’ve got to make it!” shouted Bear #1 in an amusingly high-pitched voice.  On the count of three, we jumped into the air, hurling ourselves towards the aeroplane (apparently, I was yet to grasp the way gravity/distance/reality works) and I think we were about to make it into the plane when I heard… “Niiiiick, wake up, it’s time for school.”

I’ll never know if we made that flight.

I always remembered this dream throughout my childhood, probably because I was woken up at that crucial, “Will I make the flight?” moment.  I always had a very clear picture of the last few seconds of that dream: the bears on the beach, the plane, the jump, “We’ve got to make it!” and “Niiiiiick, wake up!”


I used to get a ride home from school with a friend who had a 2-year-old sister.  I always sat next to her in her little baby seat and one day, she started saying, “Book, book, book,” so I picked up a Richard Scarry book from the floor and started reading it to her.

Then. Imagine. My. Surprise. When… I turned a page halfway through one of the books and there it was: the scene from my dream.  The dream bears were there on my dream beach, almost exactly as I had remembered them.  Everything else was the same as well.  I have rarely experienced such a smack-in-the-guts shock, and all because of a silly dream I had when I was five.  “Bloody Richard Scarry,” I thought. “How did he nick my idea?”  It took me a while to compute what had happened, but obviously I had been read the book as a youngster and had a dream about it.  I had forgotten the book but remembered the dream.

I stared at the book, dumbfounded, for what seemed like seconds but must have been longer because I was suddenly being prodded and yelled at: “Niiiiick, get out of the car!”  I didn’t want to go.  I didn’t want to leave my perfect dreamland, the world in which it’s actually possible to catch a plane but simply jumping in the air.  I excitedly explained to all in the car what had just transpired and I received the reaction that this blog post probably will: That’s nice, dear. Off you go.

I don’t care if it means anything to anyone else except me.  I know what a special moment that was, the day that I discovered that dreams can come true.

It wasn't this picture, but something like it. Look! The plane!

It wasn’t this picture, but something like it. Look! The plane!

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