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Panic, Dreaming Big, and Calm Comes Eventually

Panic is closely related to imagination.  It’s the whole “what if” arena.  What if someone shoots me while I’m in the Subway?  What if people notice that mole on the side of my face?  What if my bum falls off?  If I just fed my kid a hot dog does that mean she’ll get cancer tomorrow?

Imagination, though, is also a significant part of faith and trust.  If I can imagine the worst, it means I’m also capable of imagining the best.

It can take a great deal of time to train the imagination to move in a healthy direction.  That’s okay, of course.  It’s not some kind of competitive race.

As with any training, it’s necessary to have a trainer.  And how about a coach?  And maybe even a friend or two.

Panic, as I see it, can be the very experience that readies someone to deepen his or her trust in Something bigger than self.  The storm might thunder and roil for a while at various intensities, but calm will come eventually.

Here’s a related video clip, just for fun:

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