CC Issue 35 / Comedy

The Douchiness of Self Promotion

I must begin this post with an apology: it is all about me.

I have been doing stand-up comedy for a couple of years and I have lots of video clips sitting on my computer.  I have never wanted to share much of it because I am too embarrassed about shoving something in people’s faces and going, “Watch this and validate me!”

However, it just occurred to me that this is what we all do every time we get on stage, write a blog or attempt a witty comment on facebook.  If we really wanted these things to be private, we would keep them to ourselves.

In the case of stand-up, I have decided that I spend a lot of time writing, practising, editing and trying to improve and I would like to share it with friends and strangers.  The work has been done already, so why not share it and try to reach a larger audience?  Because it’s an uncomfortable and egotistical thing to do, that’s why.  And I know that if my wife reads this, she will be embarrassed for me.  Oh well, I’m going to do it anyway.

Without further waffling justification, here are some clips of my stand-up comedy.  Please critique, like, share and do all that stuff.  I hope it makes you laugh at least once.

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