CC Issue 34 / Reflections

Security, Yeah Right

We have a security system in our house and we’ll probably get rid of it soon.  So far we’ve set off several false alarms.  We even had a couple of them go off when we weren’t home, and all that happened was an obnoxious siren and a phone call with a voice recording saying, “Blah blah blah.”  It was just talk.  No police came.  No neighbors came over to see what was happening.  Nothing.

This tells me if there’s ever a real emergency we’re not any safer than if we didn’t have the system.

Here we are forking out such-and-such amount of money each month for fake security, not to mention rushing to punch in codes when we open a window or door.  All we’re doing is dealing with a big pile of hassle along with the illusion that we have control over our protection.

It only perpetuates our fear and creates unnecessary noise.

Why do people buy a “security” system in the first place?  Because of an attachment to possessions or a belief that someone’s going to break in on a murderous rampage.

Probably, if anything, our neighbors will break in to give us flowers or fruit from their garden.

True security, I think, comes when we let go of our need to control circumstances, trusting that we are cared for and the world isn’t quite so bad.

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