CC Issue 30 / Reflections

A New Life

Warning: This post has been rated ‘New Parent’.  It contains mushiness and sentimentality that may offend some readers.

Day one.

I don’t really know where to start, other than to say that on October 5 this year, my wife and I became parents for the first time.  Little Monty was born and it’s probably fair to say that things will never be the same.

People say all sorts of negative things about parents, like they’re boring or that they become totally one-eyed and biased towards their child.  Now, I may have gone to bed at 7pm last night, but I had some pretty wild dreams.  And while other babies are ugly and a bit dull, our little boy is handsome and clever.  If that’s being biased, I’ll eat my hat.

Mmmm… delicious.

Some cynics also  say that becoming a parent saps you of creativity but I disagree.

Can’t think of anything to write.  Come on, Nicko, write what you know.  Focus.

You should see his tiny little feet!

He has his mother’s toes.

Ummm… he made a noise the other day.  It was like a, “Whoooo” and he did this face with it.  It was really cute.


Haha… he farted!

I’m tired.


Stuff it.  Here are some more photos.  I’m spent.

The cutting edge of fashion.

Some have suggested that I look like I’m the one who gave birth (thanks, Suhail).

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