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A Horse is not a Home

So I’ve been at Lollapalooza music festival all weekend in Chicago, enjoying virtually everything about it. After 2 days of trying really hard not to be too much of a tourist with maybe ~4% success rate, we (good friends from WPG + me) hit the fest. Friday provided a bunch of great acts like M83, Metric, Passion Pit, the Shins, Bassnectar, the Black Keys. Saturday continued with Neon Indian, the Tallest Man on Earth, The Weeknd, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, Frank Ocean, and the RH Chili Peppers themselves.

Needless to say, Sunday brought the real heat. And by heat I mean Sigur Ros. Holy expletive. Not to mention (Ok I’ll mention them) Bombay Bicycle Club, the Walkmen, Toro Y Moi, At the Drive In, Of Monsters and Men, Florence and the Machine, the Big Pink, Mike Snow, Jack White, Childish Gambina, and Justice.

So besides saving you a perusal-induced trip to the lolla website, I also decided to liveblog Sunday’s festivities on the great Twitter network for you. Sorry I cut things off at the DJ sets, but you can only liveblog so much, while the rest exists only in that special space untapped as of yet by the internet (as far as I know).


10:05| Would like to see a “duel” between bowerbirds and tallest man on earth, using only melodicas

10:10| Bowerbirds are good nu-FOLK. Maybe the best folk performance at lolla.

10:30| Feel like I should be dancing to #Bombaybicycleclub, probably will soon.

10:32| Harmony solos have never been more relevant #Bombaybicycleclub

10:40| Tuck the darkness in

11:25| @erikaulrich has a fan attached to her hip, how “cool”

11:26| Sorry

1:05|Eating lunch in Chicago. I hate Winnipeg for not having enough hot pressed sandwiches

1:45| Very, very, very excited for the #Walkman#sigurRos.

2:38| I get tired at 3pm consistently

3:07| Lying in the heat, basking in glory, light. #Walkmen

3:22| I see all my fiends from #Winnipeg here, until they are close enough to not actually be those people, but usually some stock of #American

4:13| Maybe the most abstractly significant band to use delay effects#sigurros

4:15| Feel like I am literally dying to #sigurros

6| Florence of Florence and the machine reminds me vaguely of Sauruman

6:01| Trying to get to higher ground, history pulling me down

6:46| Ppl raising hands, seems ancient, natural. #Florenceandthemachine

7:36| A horse is not a home #mikesnow

8:56| Sky is darkening on Chicago, #Grantpark is finally starting to cool down

9:15| #Herecomethedjs #mikesnow #justice

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