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2012: The Year of the Keddys’

Selfishly, I’ve been saying that since last year.

You know how at parties and social functions people sometimes come up to you and make polite small talk? They’ll ask you things like “So, how’s it going?” or “So, what are you doing now?” In all those conversations since Christmas of last year I’ve been telling people that 2012 is going to be the Year of the Keddy’s! I even told my hairdresser, and the nurse at my doctor’s office, anyone who waded into the small talk pool with me has been given the same rousing speech about how good 2012 is going to be! Alison hates the expression “The Year of the Keddy’s” but I love it. This was going to be our year, and I could feel it!

In 2012, if all things went as planned, I was going to finally complete my university degree and hopefully get accepted into one of the three teacher’s college’s that I had applied to. I was finally going to quit my crappy part time job at the mall. We were hoping to sell our little condo in busy Hamilton and move to the smaller, more beautiful town of Waterdown. We were planning on finally taking a real vacation together again. And last, but definitely not least, we were very excited about seeing BOTH The Dark Knight Rises, and a little later on this year, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Part one of a planned two-part adaptation of Tolkien’s first Middle Earth adventure).

Well, let me give you an update at our halfway point and see how the “Year of the Keddy’s” is panning out.

First of all, I turned 30. Yikes.

Then we sold our little condo less than 48 hours after putting it on the market.

As soon as it was financially possible I quit my crappy part time job at the mall.

I graduated from McMaster University at a beautiful (but way over-long) convocation ceremony on June 11th. As someone who has never been the best student I was proud to accept my degree finally. More importantly though, on the same day as my graduation I was also finally able to  purchase my long awaited Batman tickets (IMAX of course).

I got into teacher’s college at my first choice institution (first because it’s close to my house).

We were able to go on a fantastic two week vacation with my brother and his wife wherein we drove down the coast of California and ate at amazing restaurants.

When we got back we went to see Dave Matthews Band outdoors in beautiful Pittsburgh.

And finally, this weekend, I got to see Christopher Nolan’s epic conclusion to his Batman trilogy.

So far, the year of the Keddy’s has lived up to the highest levels of idyllic potential. It has, without question, been one of the best years of my life so far. All the seeds I’ve sown, all the prayers and hopes I’ve launched into my future, they’ve all come back to work out PERFECTLY. I am blessed.

We’re about halfway through but so far, I am having the perfect year.

So what’s left?

Well, in August Ali and I are going to Cooperstown to see the Baseball Hall of Fame/Museum with my grandfather and Alison’s dad. In September I’ll begin my final academic steps towards being a teacher. In October I’ll steep myself into what’s looking to be a particularly potent Oscar season (with highly anticipated movies like Spielberg’s Lincoln, and PTA’s The Master) and then at Christmas time I’ll get to sit in a dark theater and return to Middle Earth.

I thank God for such a good year, and such a good life. I thank Alison, my incredible wife, without whom these amazing accomplishments and adventures would have no meaning. I thank my incredible family and my incredible friends. I have a blessed life.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, because something happened this weekend that reminded me how self absorbed, and self-congratulatory I had actually become.

As many of you know by now there was a very horrific, tragic event that took place at one of the midnight Dark Knight screenings in Colorado. As impossible of a segue as it is I just need to talk about it. As I stated so emphatically above, I feel, this year more than ever, that I have a blessed life. I don’t know what that means. I know it doesn’t mean I’m special, or better, or safer, or nicer, or more, or less, or anything else.

In a strange way this event rocked my world more than any other like it. Thirteen years ago when the Columbine shootings happened I was literally sitting in my high school classroom when I found out. And yet it didn’t rock my world like this. I see many, many movies a year and whenever I get the chance I’ll see the midnight screening. I AM that die hard fan. I AM the super nerd who gets really excited about the late night sneak peek. The more I read the details of the Dark Knight shooting the more horrified I became. Those fans in that theater felt like my friends, like my family. I couldn’t, and can’t, get my mind around the idea that some kids’, or their parents’, last moments were the exciting, anticipatory moments in a darkened theater about to show the last Batman movie.

It’s horrific.

This has been a disjointed mess of a blog and I’m sorry. I just had to reconcile these two facts. First that this has been one of the best years of my young life and that I’m immeasurably blessed. And second, that for many many people, 2012 has NOT been a good year at all. Maybe it has been their worst year.

Maybe I just feel survivor’s guilt. Maybe I just feel afraid or confused or sad. Somehow I feel responsible. I feel sorry.

As I move into the rest of my life’s years, taking each step forward as time turns me into an old man, maybe, hopefully, I’ll remember to be a good person. Hopefully I’ll be a good teacher. Hopefully I’ll love well. Hopefully I’ll earn this blessed life I’ve been given. And hopefully in the dark times, as well as the good times, I’ll remember to thank God and praise Him, and keep my eyes on Him, even when I’m overwhelmed. Especially when.

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