CC Issue 24 / Comedy

We Made a Pilot

Golden Lucky Good Time was the name of our radio show.  We made it and we left it.  It’s a shame, really.

‘We’ is Alex and I.  We are both fairly recent additions to the stand-up comedy scene in Hong Kong.  We have bonded over a love of things that are actually funny and a rejection of things that are lame.  In our world, we are the bosses of what is funny, you see.  We know each others’ sets back to front and feel quite comfortable providing constructive criticism (“That was rubbish”) and improving each other’s jokes (“Try saying it in a way that’s funnier”).  We are comedy geek pals and like ‘Adam and Joe‘ or ‘Get This‘, we wanted to make a comedy podcast that was actually good.

So we made a pilot.

Luckily for us, a friend of mine (and a friend of The Collective) has a bit of experience in the old radio production, so the three of us organised a time to meet, set up the recording equipment and recorded a show.

The whole process was so much fun and for us, it provided a glimpse into a world that we inhabit only on the fringes.  It was such, such fun and I’ve decided that rather than letting it languish on my computer forever, I’m going to plop it into the old cyberspace and let some other people (hopefully) enjoy it.  Did I mention that it was fun?

So, without further waffling, here are a couple of bits from the show:

Why didn’t we continue making the show if we liked doing it so much?  There are a couple of reasons:  1. We’re both quite lazy, and 2. I thought I was going to be moving overseas, so we canned the idea.

But guess what.  For complicated and boring reasons, I’m staying in Honkers and now we only have our laziness to contend with.  I hope we can.

To end this post, I would like to share one of my favourite youtube clips.  It’s a master of the craft (Tony Martin) giving a perfect example of everything radio shouldn’t be.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Gary Sizzle.

4 thoughts on “We Made a Pilot

  1. Shhho shhhenshhhational. Glad to see this finally up and running. Although the title of this post sounds a bit copyright infringement-y (We Bought a Zoo, anyone?).

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