CC Issue 23 / Film / TV

Why I Like GIRLS

Small introduction.

We recently moved into a new house. A house with real cable. A house with a PVR (a way to pause, rewind, and record TV easily, digitally, and miraculously – it may be called something different in your country). A house with HBO and The Food Network. It’s like heaven with a remote control.

Before this I didn’t watch much TV and the TV I did watch was illegally downloaded off torrents or streamed illegitimately off the internet. My usual method was to listen for strong word of mouth and then download a show in its entirety and watch it obsessively. I devoured E.R., The West Wing, Boardwalk Empire and eventually Game of Thrones.

We moved into our new place about a week before the premiere of Game of Thrones: Season Two (AKA The Clash of Kings) and we excitedly set our new PVR to record it. But then the HBO commercials started barraging us with ads for a new show, a show called “GIRLS”.

Now, normally naming a show GIRLS would just about kill all my interest in it. No offense to girls, but I’ve never been into girly shows. Hearing that GIRLS was like a younger, more real world Sex and the City made me even more uninterested. But I was aware of the show’s creator, writer, director and star Lena Dunham and I knew she had made a little, interesting film called “Tiny Furniture” and that it was supposed to be pretty good. And with our new TV technology being so easy, free and inviting, Ali and I decided to check it out.

GIRLS surprised me.

When I told Ali I was going to write about GIRLS for this issue she scoffed “Good luck with that!” and I had to agree with her. I love the show, I look forward to it anxiously each week and I laugh and (almost) cry along with the increasingly bizarre, evermore interesting storylines that Dunham comes up with. But I really can’t explain WHY I love it so much. It’s just… different. It reminds me of The Office (UK) which, if you know me you’ll know is an enormous compliment as I have an almost evangelistic love for that BBC masterpiece. I have just never seen girls on TV that seemed as real and as interesting. The show has an amazing knack for showing people in remarkably unflattering ways and I just can’t get enough of it.

The star of the show (in every way) is Lena Dunham. I think she, more than anything else, sums up what I love about the show. She is just so refreshing. The complete antithesis to everything I hate about girls on TV. I’m not a girl and so I’m not exactly an authority on what “a real girl” is like, but GIRLS seems full of REAL girls. Maybe not real, but at least different.

Anyway I’m really into it and I feel like Dunham is the real deal. A genuine talent. Someone worth putting on your radar.

I don’t know… do I have any girl readers? Do you watch GIRLS on HBO?  Do you like it? Is it “real”?

Let me know in the comments.

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