CC Issue 09 / Music

Classic Emo

Most of you would have probably heard of or come across the term “emo”, which is likely to mean anything from rites of spring to dashboard confessional to a fashion style / attitude, depending on where you heard it from. I first came across this term listening to bands (known to some as post-emo indie rock) like mineral, promise ring, cursive, you know, crank records, caufield records, the mid to late 90’s indie rock thing which was somehow associated with hardcore / post-hardcore but wasn’t quite as intense, very melodic but still undeniably “emo”. Anyway, further listening and researching revealed the earlier kinds of emo that came before the post-emo thing, with bands like moss icon through to bob tilton etc. (If you’re more interested in reading more about “emo”, go to

So here is my interpretation (mix) of what I would call classic emo, along with other emotive hardcore bands that come from a similar school:

Artists on this mix:

julia / hal al shedad / universal order of armageddon / sleepytime trio / spacehorse / tubers / native nod / current / shotmaker / policy of 3 / 90 day men / sinaloa / indian summer / circus lupus / bob tilton / moss icon / plate six / unwound

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