CC Issue 07 / Music

60’s sunshine / psych / baroque pop

I started making music mixes a year or so ago because I wanted to hear tunes that I liked in the order that I felt worked and with levels and E.Q. balanced so that everything would be pleasant on the ears, and also to take away parts of certain songs that I felt weren’t necessary or just plain bad. I started compiling songs and mixing them together into long continuous tracks so that they would flow seamlessly. After hearing these mixes myself over and over again, I decided that some of these tunes were just too good not to share with others, so I decided to upload them online for people to download.

In terms of choosing tunes, I just trust my ears and go for tunes that move me. Obviously what works for me might not for someone else, but hopefully within these mixes you’ll be able to find certain tunes that you work for you, or certain tunes that would make you want to dig deeper and find more about a certain genre or artist for yourself.

The first mix is a mix of 60’s sunshine, psych and baroque pop. You might even be familiar with some of the more well-known tunes. Enjoy!

artists featured (as they appear in order of the mix):

roger nichols and the small circle of friends / groop / kinks / tages / exceptions / cyrkle / frank zappa / zombies / mark eric / sidewalk skipper band / beach boys / stained glass / shaggy boys / free design / eternity’s children / summer snow / counts / johnny cobb and attractions / family tree / byrds

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